Lunenburg County, Virginia
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Historic Lunenburg County lies within the rolling terrain of the Piedmont (Southside) area of the State of Virginia which is frequently referred to as the "Mother of States". Lunenburg County is proudly and historically known as the "Mother of Counties."

After being formed from Brunswick on May 1, 1746, Lunenburg went on to provide territory for the formation of nine other counties after 1753 - Charlotte, Partick and Henry, among others - hence, the title, "Mother of Counties".

Lunenburg, largely agricultural, is known for its red clay and climate suited to various crops, mainly tobacco which has been and still is the county's principal cash crop. This red clay also was beneficial for building, resulting in the historic courthouse and many of its ante-bellum homes and chimneys being constructed of hand-kilned bricks from native soil.

The great outdoors in Lunenburg County offers abundant hunting, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, biking, jogging, hiking and camping.


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